Anonymous asked:
I've heard that Dzhokhar is still allowed to receive books. Has anyone sent books and not received them back? Does anyone know how Dzhokhar is doing mentally and physically?


I don’t know if anyone would know if he got the books 1 way or the other unfortunately.  On the BOP page re the rules about inmates getting books it says that if a book is sent and the prisoner has already received his allotted amount for the month/quarter, the book(s) would just be distributed amongst the rest of the units inmates.  Based on the statement that Ortiz tried to turn into a huge deal a few months ago I think its evident that Jahar has maintained some sense of humor which I’m sure doesn’t sit well with many as they see it as disrespectful but for him it’s likely a way he copes along with his faith which has strengthened greatly since his arrest. 

Many months ago the screws/pins that were in his hand/arm were removed.  If he were out in the real word he’d need and get rehab to regain movement, mobility and strength but I don’t see him getting much of that at Devens, medical prison or not.  His eye isn’t supposed to be drooping as much as it was earlier on and from what I understand he was having ringing in his damaged ear so while no longer stone deaf in it, who knows how much hearing he will regain.  I know supporters have continued to put money in his commissary account so he has access to additional food (mostly junk food really) if he isn’t being fed enough.